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The World Steel Development Research Institute established in Beijing


Coming to the center stage of world steel industry, University of Science & Technology Beijing (USTB) and HBIS jointly launched the World Steel Development Research Institute (WSDRI) in Bejing on October 19th. Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering Gan Yong and Yin Ruiyu, World Steel Association(Worldsteel) Chairman and HBIS General secretary of CPC & Group Chairman Yu Yong, USTB CCP Chairman Wu Guilong attended the ceremony and  unveiled name plaque for WSDRI.

USTD President Yang Renshu hosted the event Worldsteel Director General Edwin Basson made a video speech.

Academicians Wang Yide, Wang Haizhou, Li Wei, Yu Qingrui, Liu Zhengdong, Mao Xinping, Northeasten University President Zhao Ji,Foreign Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Chinese Iron & Steel Association Chairman, Metallurgical Vice Planning Institute General secretary of CPC & Chairman & Chief Engineer Li Xinchuang, World Steel Association Beijing Office Chief Representative Zhong Shaoliang,China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group Vice President Tian Zhiling, Chinese Society for Metals Expert Comittee Deputy Director Li Wenxiu, HBIS Vice President Wang Xindong, Li Yiren, USTB Vice President Wu Aixiang, AnSteel Vice President Meng Jinsong attended the ceremony.  

The newly launched WSDRI will focus on World Steel and World Economy, Steel Industry and sustainable development, Future relationship between steel industry and cities. It will lucubrate universal rules of steel industry and find solutions to common problems of future steel industry faces in development. It will build a Steel and Social Community and natural environment co-existance biosphere. WSDRI will become a bridge connecting world’s leading research institutions and enterprises and enhancing the communication between Chinese steel industry and world steel R&D institutions. WSDRI will work closely with WSA and carry out studies of sustainable development for steel industry and applications. The institute will push Chinese steel industry to the world and push world steel industry to a sustainable path.

WSDRI will run under an executive committee and the principal will be its chief executive. In the first meeting of the comittee, Chinese Academy of Engineering Academician Gan Yong was elected the first Chairman of Board and Yu Yong became the first Principal. To guarantee the performance of the institute, a consultation committee including 11 academicians and experts from world steel industry is established and Chinese Academy of Engineering Academician Yin Ruiyu was elected to become the director of the comittee.