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HBIS Held 2020 Innovation Rally

November 3rd, HBIS held the 2020 Innovation video conference and awarded leading innovating groups and personnels. The rally recalled the achievments HBIS had made and set innovation directions for the next two years. HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong attended the event and presented the awards to the winners. President of China Metal Society, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Gan Yong, Innovation Academy for Green Manufacture of Chinese Academy of Sciences Deputy Director Chen Yunfa also attended the rally. HBIS President, CCP Vice Chairman Wang Lanyu hosted the event and gave his instructions. 

HBIS Vice President Wang Xindong presented the HBIS Science & Technology Report, HBIS CCP Vice Chairman Li Bingjun accnounced the lists of winners.

After HBIS study, Gan Yong and Chen Yunfa were granted the honorary title of Science & Technology Cooperation Award. HBIS Chairman Yu Yong presented them the certification in rounds of applause. HBIS also presented awarded to talents and groups representative who made extraordinary contributions on production lines innovation and R&D performance. The winning projects and innovation platforms also received their awards.

Gan Yong made a speech of Intelligent Manfacuturing & Development of Steel Industry, describing theories and applications in the development of key state material projects, hydrogen application, intelligent steel plant construction, which introduced a brain storm to HBIS teams and gave certain enlightenment.

Yu Yong highly praised the performances of HBIS innovation work and gave his instructions to future innovative work. He re-stated that technological development and Science & Technology innovation would be the main driving power and support to whole group’s reform and upgrade, and high quality development. HBIS should have a clear roadmap of self development, a new innovation management machenism and build a tough R&D team to accelarate to build our market leading position and keep expanding it.

The meeting has recalled the accomplishments of past two years and gives a clear direction for the next two years. HBIS will continue to upgrade its outputs, improve product structure and seek new breakthrough. We will continue to apply new craft to promote productions, will merger Science & Technology innovation resources to realize integration benefits of globalized R&D platforms, will strengthen technology applications to extend industrial chains and stimulate intrinsic benefits .We take full process Green Manufuacturing technology, energy conservation and emission reduction as core value, merger of new procedures and equipment, gain interest from smart manufacturing, build forward to an innovative enterprise, improve brand influence in an all-round way.

In the next two years, the concepts of Science & Technology of HBIS will be adhering to Xi Jinping's thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era and puruse an innovation oriented reform & upgrade strategy. From the perspective of products and technologies, HBIS will optimize innovation systems and activate innovation platforms to improve procedures. High end & high quality products will be strengthened, costs will be lowered, to accelerate the re-optimization of the "two structures", create a new height of HBIS brand, and provide a powerful Science & Technology engine for the HBIS high-quality development.

HBIS will strengthen its efforts of highly value added & high end products, upgrading the product mix, consolidating cost advantages, forming overall competitiveness. We will improve client service machenisms, providing extraordinary services in the full cycle of its products. New technologies, new procedures will be applied in innovative production line. Automatic and informationized systems and intelligent manufacturing will be applied. HBIS will identify leading technologies and make pursue progress in good squence to further enhance the leading position of Science & Technology strength and promote R&D performance, to assist new emerging strategic industries, and to strengthen innovationbrands and influences in in the industry.