Group News-HBIS Group-Being The Most Competitive Steel Enterprise

A Green Technology from HBIS was selected into the National Green Technology Promotion Directory

Recently, NDRC, MOST, MIIT,and MNR have jointly compiled and issued the Green Technology Promotion Catalogue (2020), and the "multi-pollutant ultra-low emission control coupling technology for key processes in the steel industry" declared by HBIS has been successfully selected. The successful selection of this technology will play an important role in promoting technology promotion and technology output for HBIS, and provide technical support for the green development of the steel industry.

The Green Technology Promotion Catalogue (2020) includes energy conservation & environment protection industries, clean productions, clean energy industries, bio industries and upgrades of infrastructure, 116 items of green technologies in total. They will support the green reform and the grand efforts of pollution controls and implement the carbon peaking and carbon neutral targets. 

HBIS has been pursuing an Ecological First and Green Development concept and implementing energy conservation & waste reduction and pollution treatment projects, benefiting the company and social communities. HBIS environmental protection measures are leading the whole steel industry. HBIS Low Emission Coupling Control Technologies in Multiple Procedures in Steel Industry merges the procedural energy conservation and waste reduction technologies, achieving ultra-low emission standard of conventional pollutants and dioxins in flue gas. This technology cuts at least 20% of smoke and CO emission, reducing the operation costs of environment facilities. It also reduces the solid fuel costs by 6.3%-10.8%the comprehensive treatment cost of pollutants is only 12-15 yuan /ton playing an industry leading role.