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HBIS Steel Contributing World’s First Nuclear Reactor of Hualong One

November 27, Fuqing Nuclear Unit.5 has connected the power grid successfully at the first time which attributes to“Hualong One”that is the first nuclear reactor among the third-generation Nuclear power station, was independently developed by China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC). Various steel products from HBIS are used to the construction of the project to make HBIS contribution on national nuclear power industry. 

“Hualong One” is China's third-generation nuclear power technology with fully independent intellectual property rights. It has a double-containment structure that can withstand magnitude-9 earthquakes and external impacts from large commercial aircraft, making it one of the safest nuclear power technologies in the world.

HBIS delivered over 5000tons of high end nuclear steel to Generator Unit No.5 of Fuqing Power Plant, including 150tons of high width & high extension steel, with an extension rate 50% higher than average level of the industry. This high extension steel is used to build safty gates of nuclear units and could resist the extreme impacts even a crash of a commercial airliner. Nuclear island steel, type 18MND5 and 16MND5 developend by HBIS have ended the reliance of Chinese nuclear power project on foreign steel.

Besides steel plates manufacturing nuclear equipment, HBIS also delivers more than 110,000tons of high strength anti-seismic bars to build the nulcear island, foundation and safty shell.

During the project construction, HBIS has give full play to the advantages of "HBIS Model", which guarantees the supply of key national projects, and provide all-round services for projects to ensure that the products meet the construction requirements, which has been highly recognized by the project side.In 2017, the lifting ceremony of the Unit 5 of Fuqing Nuclear Powerwas held, HBIS was invited to attend the ceremony as the representative of outstanding suppliers.HBIS won the title of "Excellent Partner" of China National Nuclear Corporation.