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HBIS Customized Exclusive Construction Machinery Steel for Zoomlion

HBIS has successfully delivered ZLQ960 Plates to Zoomlion, the most complete construction machinery enterprise in the world, these plates are processed into spare parts, and to be used in key parts of Zoomlion such as giant heavy crawler cranes and cranes. With the new HBIS plates, Zoomlion could reduce one third of the manufacturing cycle and double its service life. 

To meet the ultra-high strength and processing friendly demands, HBIS team takes full advantages of special steel capacities and work closely with the client technicians to resolve all problems and meet their requirements, including instability after quenching and surface quality control. With Zoomlion, HBIS has a long-term cooperation, and monthly supply is stable at nearly 1,000 tons.