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HBIS Premium Special Steel Building New Fengtai Station -- Asia’s Largest Railway Station

January 21, HBIS made its first delivery of this premium special steel to the construction site of New Fengtai High Speed Railway Station Project.

Aiming at the differentiated needs of national key construction projects and high-end customers, HBIS has continuously increased its technical services and production line support, and developed customized high-quality special steel products for them.To produce materials constructing key parts of the station, HBIS sales team engages the contractors and studies the special characters of the coming materials. A designated solution was developed to achieve a higher extension rate and a much better supplemental element in the steel, a result much higher than national standards. The delivery status, exam plan and acceptation standard are reached the international leading level.

New Fengtai Railway Station is the China’s first high speed and conventional dual use passenger railway station. After completion, it will be the largest railway station in Asia, relieving the opearting pressure of Beijing West Railway Station and providing services to Xiong’an New Distrct and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integrated Development.