Group News-HBIS Group-Being The Most Competitive Steel Enterprise

Meeting Serbia President Aleksandar Vucic, China President Xi Jinping Emphasized that HBIS Smederevo Steel Mill and Other Projects should Continue to Contribute Local Economic and Social Benefits

February 5, in the Great Hall of the People, China President Xi Jinping met Serbia President Aleksandar Vucic, was visiting Beijing to attend the Opening Ceremony of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. President Xi Jinping emphasized the two countries should strengthen the strategic cooperation and push high-quality Belt & Road Cooperation forward, including Hungary & Serbia Railway Project and Novi Sad-Ruma Expressway Project. HBIS Smederevo Steel Mill and ZIJIN Bor Copper Project should continue to contribute local economic and social benefit to strengthen the traditional friendship of Chinese and Serbian peoples. 

High attention and expectations from President Xi Jinping gives strong spiritual motive to HBIS staff and HBIS would promote the Times Model Spirits, take our responsibilities and development confidence to play full advantages of green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, and structural reform of Chinese steel industry to make HBIS Serbia one of most competitive steel mills in Europe. With its high quality development, HBIS Serbia will be a Golden Business Card of China to show Chinese Spirits, Chinese Power and Chinese Shoulder.

In June 2016, President Xi Jinping inspected to HBIS Serbia and instructed that HBIS should keep its promises and actions having achievement to build HBIS Serbia as a showcase project of Belt & Road Initiative. HBIS people keep the instruction in heart and led by Hebei Provincial CPC Committee and Government, with the strong support of all ministries, HBIS Serbia has become an iconic project of Belt & Road Initiative.

In 2021, facing the challenges of Covid-19 pandemic and EU Quota Restrictions, with more than 20 self-owned intellectual property rights technologies, HBIS Serbia optimize the production organization mode, vigorously reduce operation costs, continuously improve technical and economic indicators, and constantly raise the level of environmental protection and overall competitiveness, the total revenue and profits made a historic record and become the biggest exporter of Serbia. It is also making great contributions to local communities, wining wide acclaim from all walks of life and further consolidated the close friendship of "One family of China and Serbia".

Over six years, HBIS Serbia has received great supports from the leaders of China and Serbia. In September of 2018, President Xi Jinping met President Vucic, visiting Beijing to attend the Summer Davos Forum. President Xi Jinping said that he was very glad to know that cooperation between China Hebei Iron & Steel Group and Serbia Smederevo Steel mill is running well, and it has become the second largest exporter of Serbia.

In China & Mid-East European Leaders Summit and other occasions, President Xi Jinping also mentioned HBIS Serbia and point out we must deliver on our commitments, make HBIS Serbia as an iconic project of China & Mid-East European Country Cooperation and Belt & Road Initiative, to strength major production capacity cooperation and  infrastructure cooperation between both country, jointly build the Smederevo Steel Plant, the Hungary-Serbia Railway and other landmark projects.In Chinese and Mid-East European Cooperation, projects including HBIS Semederevo Steel Mill were very fruitful.

In many occasions, President Vucic also said the revival of Smederevo steel mill is a success story, and HBIS Semederevo steel mill and other key cooperation projects from China have strongly promoted the economic development of Serbia.