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HBIS Products Promote to Reduce the Weight of AUMAN Trucks

HBIS three automotive steel production lines with providing four brands of automotive steel, including cold rolling strips DC03DC04DC05 and pickled QSTE340TM strips are delivered to AUMAN to be used to structural parts, inner tables and deep quenching parts to help to future reduce the weight of AUMAN trucks. HBIS is working closer with this automaker and increasing its market shares and brand influence in heavey load truck industry. 

HBIS Sales Corporation focuses on the upgrades of product structure and client structure by promoting the performances of its regional sales centers. Talented sales managers form micro teams to engage closely with their clients to monitor the production of its auto strips, processing and logistics in the whole process. They are taking full advantages of HBIS Tangsteel, Hansteel and Chengsteel facilities to provide packages of solutions according to specific demands. The three HBIS subsidiaries could deliver high quality products according to clients’ standards by providing personalized solutions. 

AUMAN Truck owns CTX, ETX and Special Utility Vehicle Series. It is a listed transregional conglomerate and its major shares are hold by state owned companies.